Wednesday, September 30, 2009

3 more weeks until The Running of the Brides!!!!!!!

I just got some exciting news that my Maid of Honor will be traveling from Ft. Worth to attend  a dress hunting trip with my aunts, mom, and a few friends from Chicago. But this isn't a typical wedding dress experience. Sitting in a bridal salon while some $ minded woman who could care less about your dress who is keeping a timer on you just so that you can pay full price for an expensive dress you wear once, does not sound like my idea of fun.

Fortunately, I now live in a part of the country where I know the name Filene's Basement. For my fellow southerners, it is a TJ Maxx on steroids! They carry designer name clothes on a regular basis, but once a year in some of their larger stores they have a huge one-day bridal event. This was started back in the 1940's, and somewhere along the line picked up the name The Running of the Brides. Aptly named from the nature of what this event has turned into: a free-for-all grabfest of designer wedding gowns that will be marked no more than $700 (some with a retail tag of up to $10,000!). There are multiple web pages dedicated to giving future brides advice on how to come out as winners at these event:

I know most sane people wouldn't want to go near a place like this, but I think this event was made for me! For one, I am my mother's daughter as I am always looking for a deal. I have always had an eye for expensive things without the pockets for them. But, I have learned that with patience, thrifting and consignment shops are a gold mine. Second, I am a closet competitor. You better believe that I will be first in line for this. I am already getting the air mattress and tent ready to go for the night spent outside of the store!

The videos are what are really crazy exciting!

The last video is from the one in Cleveland. Thankfully, it is only the 3rd year for the one in Cleveland it isn't as big or as intense as the one in Boston or New York.

I have a very good feeling that I will find the right dress, mainly because I have an open mind!
Here is some wedding dress porn to round out this entry:

Sweet dreams!

Word of the day: Terrarium

I figured for my first entry I would jump right in on what I want this blog to be: a place to release all of the clutter in my mind and hopefully share constructive ideas.
Even before the wedding planning began, I have always had a fascination with terrariums. I by no means have a green thumb, but it is fascinating to see a whole little eco-system growing in a pretty little glass bubble.

These also remind me of the solarium that I hope to have off of my imaginary-future house. Jonathan and I have already made a deal that he would build me a solarium if he could build a treehouse for himself.

I think they would be great to put as centerpieces for the wedding, especially sitting on a freshly cut piece of sod with tealight candles surrounding them. I have yet to see anyone do this combination, but have found some ideas of the closest thing to them.