Monday, May 24, 2010

From Miss to Mrs.: Part 1 of many

The aftermath of the wedding has been a bit of a process to filter out of our apartment, but it is nice to start seeing our kitchen floor again! One of the stories that I didn't get a chance to share, due to the excess amount of things to do the two weeks before the wedding, was our table charger dilemma. For those of you that are unaware of what chargers are, they are the pretty platters you put under your plates that you don't even eat off of.

(These aren't mine, but they look like them)

My mother and I had determined that the table scape would look so much better with gold chargers, so I had planned on ordering them from the rental company when it came time to place the order. So, a week and a half before the wedding I start placing my order for all of the rental items we need. I had gone through this company before with work, so I knew what everything else roughly cost to rent. All except the chargers. Turns out, they wanted $7 PER CHARGER! That would have been an extra $700 for chargers! I panicked for a moment and then started trolling the Internet, I knew that there had to be some way around that price.
Luckily, after a few days of searching, I came across a classified add on a wedding website that a woman in the Chicago area had posted, stating that she was renting out her chargers for $.75/ piece. WooHoo!
I dropped off these rented chargers last night and learned that the woman I rented from co-bought the set with another woman from the bride that originally bought them, then she has already sold them to a girl in Texas after her wedding AND has found ANOTHER bride that is buying them from that girl. These platters are traveling all over the US in protest of a $7 rental fee!
If it is one thing I have learned from wedding planning, it is that there is a way around every absurd price you come across.
I never advertised this blog as a fanatical budget wedding, as there are many blogs that people keep with "$10,000 budget wedding" as the title, but I will say that we stayed under that number in our budget.
I can't wait to share pictures with everyone! We saw our photographer yesterday, who reminded us that we will be getting a disk of all photos in the upcoming weeks, so then this blog will have something to show for the past 8 months of work!

More stories to come...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

We Did It!

Wow, friends! The journey was great, but I'm glad the wedding part is over! I can't believe that it has been more than a month since I blogged, but I think it is understandable!
The wedding was so great and I cannot praise everyone that helped enough for making the day so special! I wanted to share the pictures that our excellent photographer, Stephanie, did for us! All of them will be up soon to purchase, so be on the lookout and I will post that asap.
I have some really great stories to share, so stay tuned! I will also do a honeymoon post soon, but I am baking bread and about to go to the gym right now, so enjoy these shots and we will chat soon!