Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Obsession

I was always curious how bloggers did style boards. It seemed like a lot of work in microsft paint, but shows how much I know about the internet world of design! Well, I came across a contest to win a $500 gift certificate to my favorite store, Anthropologie, and I had to at least try. The contest directed me to a site called Polyvore, which is a little gift from heaven!

This is what I made for the contest, which was to pick items from Anthropologie and create a holiday outfit. There have been 5,000 entries in four days this contest has been going on, so I'm sure I am low on my chances, but it was really fun to create and I will surely share more of my projects from that site.
Lastly, if you didn't catch the reference of the phrase in my board, please listen to this song, it makes me teary eyed!

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