Friday, April 1, 2011

Why I Love My Mother...she don't want no grand babies

My sweet, sweet mother came up and surprised me, along with my step-father, for my 25th birthday. In exchange for her generosity, I decided to play an April Fool's joke on her. This was a joke that I had planned for three years ago when I bought the prop, but never got the chance. Having her here for April 1st put the opportunity back on the table. Let's see how she reacts...

I put a "Future Grandma" sash on her. She is appalled.

I mean, literally crying out of sadness. She was saying "It's not time, it's not time."
It only took me seconds before I told her it was a joke due to the utter disappointment and sadness I felt from her.
She finally understands it's a joke...

Then, we hug it out and laugh, because, I am truly my mothers daughter and babies are nowhere to be found in this 25 year old body. 

Love you, mom!

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  1. hahahah Classic! Your mom and you are the best. Love it!